Stephanie Montani
Behind the Scenes: My Workflow & Palette Gear

Recently I was given the opportunity to test the new Expert Kit from Palette and I’m writing this short blog to tell you readers about my experience and what settings I’ve dialed in to use in my daily work. Enjoy!These past few years I have found a deep craving to learn more about Photoshop and really delve into new techniques and ideas. As a retoucher especially in the field I’m in, Photoshop is a huge tool for me and anything to assist me or give me fresh ideas in the workspace is a welcome tool for sure. Attached you can see what settings I’ve dialed into my workflow on my Palette, (See Image 1) and you’ll notice I’ve opted to use some fairly basic settings. The great thing about the Palette is it is completely customizable so naturally step one is planting that Undo shortcut right at the top. A big one is my Curve adjust and Layer Opacity, as those two tools are used quite frequently. The idea is to make it natural, find tools that lend themselves to the hardware, some naturally do so and others will be tailored just for you.  I’ve also attached a photo of the layers on a project that I worked on recently (before and after photo also included). You can see exactly what I’ve done and which tools would definitely be assisted with the Expert Kit. So far I’ve had an amazing time using my Palette and I’ve barely scratched the surface, to anyone who is still on the fence about purchasing this tool I highly recommend checking it out, whether you love editing or find it a chore I guarantee you will have a changed point of view after using the Palette. Above all have fun with it, that’s the purpose, to bring new life and efficiency to editing.